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Turmoil Adds Free Multiplayer Update

Last week, Gamious, released a free online multiplayer update to their oil drilling game Turmoil.

Released in June 2016, Turmoil has become a popular title on Steam with 92% of the over 8,700 reviews being positive. In the last 30 days over 150 reviews have left an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating with 96% of the reviews being positive.

The 19th century oil rush in North America is underway and Turmoil is offering a fun take on this time period with a management simulation game. Players will take aim at becoming a successful oil entrepreneur as they fend off rivals, dig for oil, progress technology, and sell their black gold for top dollar.

In the new multiplayer mode update, a completely new and more compact is available. Instead of playing NPCs, players are pitted against each other in the high stakes oil game. Players can join a random game against three other players or start a custom game with friends. All of the same areas and technology progression seen in the main game are used. Any remaining slots not used by a player at a game’s start will be filled with NPCs so games with just two or three players can start.

Ever since the launch of Turmoil, players have been requesting a multiplayer mode. After releasing the DLC campaign ‘The Heat is On’, and porting the game to other platforms and mobile, we finally got around to making this. We’re thrilled to offer this free update to our players, if only because we can’t wait to take on the competition ourselves! The Turmoil franchise has been around for years, and it’s still going strong. The release of the multiplayer update will certainly not be the last. Work has already started on new content, and we’ll have exciting news to share about that next year!

Jos Bouman, Creative Director of Gamious

Turmoil is available on PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $9.99. A Turmoil The Heat Is On DLC is available for $4.99. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch for $14.99 and on mobile devices. For more information visit the game’s developer page at

New Turmoil Trailer | Gamious

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