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Timberborn Update 3 Adds Storage Changes and More

Polish independent developer Mechanistry released Update 3 for their beaver city builder Timberborn, changing resource storage and many more quality of life improvements. Beaver robot redesigns and the ability to scrap buildings for materials are also included in the patch.

As the update name implies, this is the third update since the Timberborn Early Access launch in September 2021.

Storage has been redesigned in Update 3. Warehouses now work as many players have been using them in the late game along with improvements. The new system helps to prevent a warehouse from being jammed up with an overproduced good. This change makes it easier to manage resources across the colony by being able to see what is store where and how much room is left for each good.

While reworking the storage system, all related buildings were also updated in both functionality and visuals. Plus there are a few additional buildings added such as various pile and tank sizes. All boxed goods now have unique crates.

Piles and tanks are no longer resource specific. Piles can store logs, dirt, planks, treated planks, scrap metal and metal blocks. Tanks can store water, biofuel, catalyst, maple syrup, and medicine. Resources kept in piles and tanks are now easily recognizable when stored or transported.

Buildings can now be recycled for materials. With a focus on verticality and limited space, players would find need to delete some of their settlement to fix something and losing resources in the process felt bad. Now players can recover materials from deleted buildings. When a building is deleted, a rubble pile spawns in its place where the rubble can then be transported to storage and reused. Unfinished buildings return all material costs whereas finished buildings return a portion of the building cost back along with all inventory contents.

Golems are no more. Beaver bots are here to stay. Cogheads have been renamed to Ironbots and Barrelbots are renamed to Timberbots. Both models and animations for all bots have been redesigned.

Saves created on Update 2 and before are incompatible with Update 3 because of the storage system changes. A separate branch for Update 2 is available for players to continue their playthrough without having access to Update 3 features.

The Migrations and Settlement Panel, screenshot tool, UI, faction visuals, and audio have seen various changes. Update 3 also includes a range of bug fixes and other miscellaneous changes. A more complete list of changes in the Timberborn Update 3 can be found here.

Timberborn is available on PC for Windows and Mac through Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for $24.99. Follow @Timberborn on Twitter, like @TimberbornGame on Facebook or visit the developer’s website here.

Timberborn Update 3 has arrived! | Mechanistry

Mechanistry (@mechanistry Twitter, @mechanistry Facebook) is an independent studio based in Poland. Currently the Mechanistry team features seven members who have been working remotely on the studio’s debut title Timberborn.