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Luna Abyss Bullet Hell FPS Gameplay Trailer

The United Kingdom based remote game development studio Bonsai Collective, released a brand new gameplay trailer for their bullet hell FPS title, Luna Abyss.

In the gameplay trailer, viewers are treated with the full scope and ambition behind Luna Abyss. Otherworldly environments are laid wide open for viewers to see what lies ahead in this narrative0driven first-person action adventure title.

Designed to showcase Luna Abyss, the gameplay trailer shows how the game is a treat for all of the senses. Within the derelict megastructure, players are frequently shrouded in overwhelming darkness that is occasionally pierced by concentrated shards of light offering a glimpse of the ruins. The game’s world is full of mystery.

Luna Abyss may be our first title as Bonsai, but everyone here has built up years of experience working on some amazing titles. We wanted to pool all that talent together and create something that everyone can play; a narrative-driven bullet-hell FPS that offers a real challenge without chastising those who find other games in the genre too testing. We have a world we want everyone to experience, however they play.

Benni Hill, Creative Director, Bonsai Collective

Remains of a long-lost colony are scattered across its caverns and valleys, provide a suitable locale for prisoners sent to the depths of the Abyss to ride out their sentences. Only a single AI guard named Aylin is the player’s guide. While the question of actually happened to Luna’s lost colony remains, let alone what are those strange voices calling out from the depths, players will be challenged to survive the deadly encounters with corrupted souls and twisted cosmic horrors. Players are forced to make split-second decisions and master their weapons if they are to continue on in this fast-paced bullet hell game.

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC and console. Players can add the game to their Steam, Epic Games and PlayStation Store wishlists now.

Explore the Abyss – Luna Abyss Gameplay Trailer | Bonsai Collective

Bonsai Collective (@BonsaiGames Twitter, @bonsaicollectivegames Facebook, YouTube) is a game development studio based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2019 by Hollie Emery, Harry Corr, and Benni Hill, the remote-first studio is based all over the country. The studio’s mission is to create original game universes, where players experience deep and connected gameplay.