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EDENGATE: The Edge of Life Now on Xbox

Indie publishing label HOOK today released their chilling dark narrative adventure, EDENGATE: The Edge of Life, on Xbox. Earlier in November the game was released on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.

Follow the emotional journey of Mia, a promising young biologist who awakens inside on an abandoned hospital. With no memory of the events leading up to her current situation, Mia must piece together the events the brought her to this hospital. At the same time she will unravel the mystery of the deserted city of Edengate.

Mia’s journey will be an emotional one as she tries to discover any signs of life and the terrifying events the took place in the once-vibrant city of Edengate. Gameplay is a fusion of explorations, investigation, puzzle solving, and meaningful decision-making. In the end players will traverse and emotional story that will reveal the events leading to Mia’s awakening.

Award-winning writer and Director/Writer of the critically acclaimed visual novel Eliza, Matthew Seiji Burns, wrote the emotional journey seen in game. The concept and development of the game were formed during the more difficult months of the recent pandemic. Fear, isolation, and uncertainty in the future are all things felt by the development team during this period and are represented in the game’s development.

EDENGATE: The Edge of Life is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Microsoft for $6.99. The game is also available on Windows PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store for $6.99.

Edengate: The Edge of Life – Launch Trailer | HOOK

HOOK (@HOOKcrew Twitter, @HOOKcrew Facebook, YouTube) is a publishing label and Digital Bros’ subsidiary. The label is focused on offering a unique selection of indie games that stand out in their concept, visuals, genre, or themes. By providing full-service support to independent development teams, HOOK aims to help them realize and market their projects globally.