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Live by the Sword: Tactics Winter Update Details

Indie developer Labrador Studios have announced details about the upcoming Winter Update for their tactical RPG, Live by the Sword: Tactics. This update will feature numerous changes to Story Mode, new systems for Adventure Mode, new class traits and abilities, plus a price discount.

Featuring meaningful changes based upon both positive and negative feedback from the community, the Winter Update will be the biggest game update yet.

Story Mode will be receiving numerous changes on every single encounter. In some cases enemy team composition has seen adjustments while also limiting the characters players can use to introduce new strategies.

Stat Points and Grand Effects along with new items, boards, abilities, and traits have arrived in Adventure Mode. Players can invest four Stat Points into the character. The first three points can be used however a player desires, however the fourth point must be used to unlock a Grand Effect. Gold, skills, movement, and even enemy retreat rate can be influenced by the Grand Effect choice. Some work-in-progress screenshots have been provided below to show case the new Stat Points and Grand Effects systems.

Other changes in the Winter Update will include increased animation speeds and regular movement speeds. Every class has seen new abilities and traits added as well as a balancing pass.

This update comes a little more than a month after the Live by the Sword: Tactics Early Access exit this past October. Additional updates are planned for the game throughout 2023. Players can expect to see game improvements and expanded gameplay with new classes, Tactician fights, Board Builder, and much more.

The Live by the Sword: Tactics Winter Update will hit Steam and Xbox on December 6, 2022. Nintendo Switch players can expect the update soon after. A massive discount is planned for Steam and Xbox starting on December 6, and will run for an unknown amount of time.

Live by the Sword: Tactics is available on Windows and Mac for PC via Steam for $24.99. A free to play PC demo is available on Steam. Console versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch are available from their respective digital stores for $24.99. A PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version will be released at yet to be announced date. For more information visit

Live by the Sword: Tactics – Console Announcement and Extended Trailer | Labrador Studios

Labrador Studios (@LabradorStudio Twitter, YouTube) is a new indie game development studio. Based in York, England, the studio focuses its commitment on developing and creating games that put gameplay first. The studio’s motto is “if the player isn’t happy, we aren’t happy”. Currently the studio is busy with the release of the original IP, Live by the Sword: Tactics, created by studio head Matthew Hamilton.