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Honey, I Joined a Cult Exits Early Access With Full Release

Team17 and United Kingdom-based developer Sole Survivor Games have fully released their 1970s-based cult 2D management sim Honey, I Joined a Cult. Become the leader of a new and groovy cult making all the decisions as the person in charge.

Originally released as an Early Access title in September 2021, Honey, I Joined a Cult invites players to become the architect of their very own cult. Every aspect of the cult can be designed to the player’s standards. Energy spas, spirit chambers, and everything else needed for the journey to enlightenment is at hand.

To run a successful cult, players will need to recruit and keep followers. Happy cultists are loyal followers. In addition pesky outsiders will need to be handled. If everything goes right the leader will continue to inflate their ego while reaping the profits.

With Update 1.0, the game now includes interactive police raids and protests. Based on the cultists skill groups evidence can be hidden and protesters pacified. Protests now also occur at a lower heat rating.

Categories in the build menu can now be collapsed and expanded for ease of navigation. A carpeting system allows for 17 different internal floor tiles in a variety of colors. Many décor objects now have color palette options allowing players to better match their chosen theme.

Players can now select their difficulty. A help menu, accessible through the HUD offers a comprehensive list of topics with detailed information breakdowns. A total of 31 Steam achievements of varying difficulty have been added to the game. Plus there are six Steam trading cards along with five backgrounds, five emotes, and six badges.

A more complete list of changes in the 1.0 update can be found here.

Honey, I Joined a Cult is available on Windows PC in early access on Humble Bundle and Steam for $21.99 USD. A 33% off Steam Midweek Madness promotion runs until November 10, 2022. Visit the developer’s website, publisher’s website, or game’s product pages for additional information.

Honey, I Joined a Cult – Launch Trailer | Team17

Team17 (@Team17 Twitter, @Team17 Facebook, YouTube) is an international video game label and creative partner for independent developers. Founded in 1990, the Team17 portfolio comprises of over 100 games of which includes The Escapists, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, and the Worms franchise.

Sole Survivor Games (@solesurvivorgms Twitter, @solesurvivorgames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent UK based game developer. Founded in 2017, the studio is currently working on their debut title, Honey, I Joined a Cult with their two member team featuring Simon and Ed.

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