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Against the Storm Early Access on Steam and GOG

Hooded Horse and developer Eremite Games have released their Early Access fantasy roguelite city builder, Against the Storm, on Steam and GOG. Create settlements filled with intelligent beavers, humans, lizardfolk, and harpies on a world with perpetual rain.

Previously the developer’s debut PC title was released as an Epic Games Store exclusive in October 2021. Since then a lot has changed for the city builder with more content such as the Cursed Battlefield and Grace of the Harpies updates. While the Curse Battlefield update offered new improvements and revamp of the Cursed Royal Woodlands, the Grace of the Harpies update significantly changed the game with the addition of a fourth race, harpies.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Against the Storm interlaces both survival and roguelite mechanics with the city-building genre. Players just don’t build a single city, they build a vast network of cities. Powered by a diverse set of fantasy races, each with their own needs and specializations, all in service of the Queen.

The world is plagued by perpetual apocalyptic storms that will batter and wear down the population. Hidden threats lie in the wilderness and if that wasn’t enough the Queen is notorious for her demands and thin patience. To fail the Queen is to fail the mission.

Even in failure there are lessons to be learned and the struggle to survive never ends. No two game sessions will be the same. The Blightstorm will reshape the wilderness between cycles giving players new areas to explore and exploit. A tech tree and meta-progression system tied to the Smouldering City offers advantages in successive runs. Randomized blueprints for buildings forces settlements to develop differently in each playthrough.

To expand and build up settlement, one will need to gather resources and meet the needs of its citizens and the Queen. Trade between settlements offers prosperity. A total of five different biomes offers their dangers and resources for exploitation as players strive to thrive for another rainy day.

Against the Storm is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store for $19.99/£17.99/€19.99. Follow @AtS_CityBuilder on Twitter, like @AgainsttheStormGame on Facebook or join the game’s Discord for more information.

Against the Storm – Release Trailer | Hooded Horse

Hooded Horse (@HoodedHorseInc Twitter, @HoodedHorse Facebook, YouTube) is a publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games. Based in Dallas, Texas, the publisher features partners across the world. Since 2020 their portfolio has grown to 17 titles that includes Manor Lords, Mars Tactics, Terra Invicta, and Old World.

Eremite Games (@EremiteGames Twitter, YouTube) is a small indie game development studio based in Wrocław, Poland. The studio’s first title was the Android turn-based strategy game Shattered Plane that is set in a fantasy Slavic universe. Currently the studio consists of a five member team of friends with years of experience in AAA, indie and mobile game development all of whom share a passion for strategy and RPG games. Currently the studio is busy working on their debut PC title Against the Storm.