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NecroBoy : Path to Evilship Silly and Creepy Adventure Out on Steam

Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. and solo indie developer Chillin’ Wolf today released the silly and creepy puzzle adventure game, NecroBoy : Path to Evilship, on Steam. Just in time for Halloween, players can turn on a special holiday appropriate character skin for NecroBoy.

Explore the funny and eerie story of NecroBoy. As a gifted and dramatic necromancer, has amazing powers and is on a quest to gain the powers of the now deceased infamous NecroMan. Having been shunned by his peers, the not so bright megalomaniacal loner is eager to gain these great powers and wield them over those who repudiated him.

Diving into the labyrinthian tomb of the late NecroMan is the only way to attain these powers. Players will need to guide NecroBoy through the dangerous darkness of the tomb while avoiding fire, traps, and bosses.

As one travels deeper into the tomb, the more difficult the journey becomes. To aid NecroBoy, players can summon the souls of the departed as minions. From flipping switches to pushing blocks or moving platforms, minions can be ordered to perform all sorts of tasks to solve the frustrating logic puzzles. NecroBoy’s most loyal minion, the reluctant Lackey, is unlike others. Lackey is more intelligent, offering guidance and wisdom to his master.

No dark dungeon would be complete without secrets. Both secret areas and a great mystery await. Plus how well does NecroBoy know Lackey? Does Lackey hold a secret of his own?

The game was developed by Ulysse Frediere, the one man team of Chillin’ Wolf. Frediere received help from Nicolas “Kerch” Kerbourc’h in the game’s music and art help from Arthur Jacob-Cavarec.

NecroBoy : Path to Evilship is available on Windows PC via Steam for $19.99. A 20% off introductory offer is available until November 7, 2022. For more information visit the developer’s website at

NecroBoy : Path to Evilship – Trailer 2 | Chillin’ Wolf

Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. is a professional group of online game services. Established in 2019 as the global strategic company Gravity (NASDAQ GM), the gaming company helps to develop games in various genres and on various platforms such as online, mobile and casual games in Japan and overseas. Gravity was founded in April 2000 and launched titles such as the MMORPG Ragnarok Online.

Chillin’ Wolf (@wolf_chillin Twitter, @chillinwolfgames Facebook, YouTube) is a solo indie developer from Brest, France. Started by Ulysse Frediere, the studio focuses on creating moving stories using whatever gameplay the studio likes at the current moment. NecroBoy : Path to Evilship is the studio’s first commercial title on Steam.