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Live by the Sword: Tactics RPG Exits Early Access Today

Indie developer Labrador Studios today fully launched their tactical RPG, Live by the Sword: Tactics, on PC and select consoles. Available now on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, Steam users will find a 25% discount during the launch week.

After being in Early Access for nearly 15 months, Live by the Sword: Tactics is out now with the full Act 3 of Story Mode, online multiplayer crossplay, and a wide range of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

Unlike traditional strategic tactical RPGs, this game adds many modern twists such as the lack of levels, experience, and equipment. Classes have a set pool of abilities and traits where players can customize their team to fit their needs. This allows players to take on challenging fights without needing to grind clear their way through the encounter.

Three different game modes offer a variety of play methods. Story Mode explores the tale of brothers Edgar and William as the venture forth to save their struggling kingdom from the darkness of war and a devious plot.

Adventure Mode allows players to build the continent of Orlia and journey through ever increasingly difficult encounters with the threat of permadeath. Tactician Mode lets one test their skills against unique challenges. Both Adventure Mode and Tactician Mode will see major updates and challenges in the coming months.

Players can challenge their friends in local and online multiplayer via 5v5 or 3v3 battles. Ranked online tactical combat is coming in December 2022.

More updates are planned for the game post-release. Players can expect to see updates that improve and expand the game with new classes, Tactician fights, Board Builder, and much more. The developer will continue to have open communication and clear update schedules heading into the future.

Live by the Sword: Tactics is available on Windows and Mac for PC via Steam for $24.99. Console versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch are available from their respective digital stores for $24.99. A PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version will be released at yet to be announced date. For more information visit

Live by the Sword: Tactics – Console Announcement and Extended Trailer | Labrador Studios

Labrador Studios (@LabradorStudio Twitter, YouTube) is a new indie game development studio. Based in York, England, the studio focuses its commitment on developing and creating games that put gameplay first. The studio’s motto is “if the player isn’t happy, we aren’t happy”. Currently the studio is busy with the release of the original IP, Live by the Sword: Tactics, created by studio head Matthew Hamilton.