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Catizens Adds Swamps and Acolyte Profession

HeroCraft PC and indie developer Bad Optics Games have added Swamps and the Acolyte professions to their Early Access cat colony sim, Catizens. The Swamps is the new Level 4 area.

Heal the cat residents and provide buffs with the new Acolyte profession in Catizens. Note that not all the Acolyte’s talents have been implemented such as Shackles and Deadly Plague, both of which will be added in a future update.

A new quest for the Rat King is available for those who have completed the peace negotiations with the rats in previous levels. The Rat King will be a neutral character and will talk to the player. Players may need to visit the previous levels and create a fresh save for the game to register the completion of the associated quests.

Once a player can talk to the Rat King, they can learn how to create Pumpkin Lanterns which can be used to decorate the settlement. In a future update, Pumpkin Lanterns will also protect residents from the undead.

While not fully implemented, players can begin the Craft Magical Armor quest. Currently the quest ends when a player creates a golden sword or a golden bow. Players can now craft the Leather Boots accessory. Armor and accessory tooltips will now show the stat improvements that they provide.

Catizens - Early Access Roadmap | HeroCraft PC, Bad Optics Games
Catizens – Early Access Roadmap | HeroCraft PC, Bad Optics Games

All of the content in today’s update is a part of Update 1 listed on the game’s roadmap. Update1 is part of five planned updates listed on the roadmap during the CatizensEarly Access phase.

Catizens is now available in Early Access on Windows and Mac via Humble Bundle and Steam for $17.77. For more information visit the game’s website at

Bad Optics Games (@badopticsgames Twitter) is an indie studio based in the United States. Currently the studio is working on their debut title Catizens led by Yang Shan who brings game development experience from her time working on The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 as a gameplay engineer.

HeroCraft PC (@HeroCraftPC Twitter, @HeroCraftGames YouTube) is a subdivision of the established developer and publisher HeroCraft. The company’s focus is on high-quality games with more than ten games in the role-playing, action, and strategy genres in their portfolio. Currently the HeroCraft PC subdivision is working on several projects including Anvil Saga, Revival: Recolonization, Catizens, and Organs Please.

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