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Somber Atmospheric Action Platformer Launches on Steam

Indie game studio You Will Get There today released their atmospheric hand-painted action platformer, Somber, on Steam. Filled with stunning locales and terrifying encounters, the game puts players in a fight for justice in the world of Gloom as a friendly, but deadly creature.

If Tim Burton was to develop LIMBO and include the game mechanics from the Ori series then Somber would be the end result. Developed by David Söderström, Mikaela Marti, and Evelyn Petterson, the game was meticulously built for those who desire a challenging platformer.

The wait is over: All the hard work is done and Somber is finally available on Steam. Our dimly lit world might seem scary at first – but like most things in life, true beauty is often found beneath the surface. We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of the many sights and sounds of Gloom.

David Söderström, Lead Developer, You Will Get There

In a world filled with shadows, players are tasked with making things right. Environments are full of life and ripe for exploration. Hand-drawn graphics are both beautiful and haunting. An atmospheric music score by Jonatan Söderström accompanies players on their journey.

There are two ways to experience the game: slowly or quickly. Those who take it slow, can take time to soak in the atmospheric world. Others can take on the game in a traditional quick platformer methodology that requires precision skills.

Somber is available on Windows PC via Steam for $7.99. For more information visit, follow @somberthegame on Twitter, or like @Somberthegame on Facebook.

Somber Trailer | You Will Get There

You Will Get There is an indie studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2019 by David Söderström, the studio features a background in game development education. Recently the studio has been busy working on their first title, the atmospheric action platformer Somber.