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Sker Ritual Release Date and Roadmap Revealed

Wales Interactive have announced an Early Access release date for their round-based co-op FPS, Sker Ritual. Starting on October 13, players can take on the hellish inhabitants of Sker Island.

Just in time for Halloween, Sker Ritual, the spiritual successor to the award-winning horror, Maid of Sker, will release on Steam Early Access. With this release comes the first of four maps, Cursed Lands of Lavernock. The first map or rather Episode One, is near completion and features all objectives, trials, and a boss fight. Only some of the ‘top secret’ Easter Eggs are missing from the map at this time.

Along side the Early Access launch comes the Sker Pass. This completely free cosmetic reward system has no premium pass option. The Sker Pass will launch with 50 free items including masks, animated menu backgrounds, player icons, menu music, weapon charms, and more. Each Episode update will offer 25 new items to unlock.

At Early Access release, English will be the featured language. More localizations are in development and will be implemented as soon as possible. Previously a ‘Meet the Elites’ trailer was revealed showcasing some of the nastier inhabitants of Sker Island.

A road map has been made available outlining future Episodes. In December, Episode Two launches with The Ashes of Sker Hotel. Episode Three and Episode Four will drop in Q1 and Q2 2023. These new Episodes will bring additional maps, Elites, bosses, story missions, trials, free rewards, weapons, Easter eggs, Miracle System upgrades, quality of life improvements, and much more.

Sker Ritual - Early Access Roadmap | Wales Interactive
Sker Ritual – Early Access Roadmap | Wales Interactive

During Early Access the game will be available at a discount. At the 1.0 release, the price will be raised. The version 1.0 release for PC and console is planned for Q2 2023.

Sker Ritual has an October 13, 2022, Early Access release date on Steam for $14.99/£11.39/€12.49. Players can wishlist the Windows PC game now. Additional cosmetic DLC will be available to purchase on Steam for $3.99/£2.89/€3.29. More information can be found by joining the game’s Discord or by visiting

Sker Ritual – Reveal Trailer | Wales Interactive

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