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You Suck at Parking Races into PC and Xbox Launch

Independent developer Happy Volcano have released their frantic top-down parking racer, You Suck at Parking, on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass. Happy Volcano also announced it is working with the gaming charity LifePack for the game’s first season.

At heart of the game is the premise that players suck at parking. Tasked with finding the designated parking spots, players speed through levels, avoiding obstacles and not destroying the vehicle. Excellent parking skills will unlock Parking Tokens that can be used for new customization options.

Single player and online multiplayer modes allow for players to challenge themselves and others. Multiplayer mode will be cross-platform and the developer intends to refresh levels every two weeks. At launch there are 60 wild multiplayer levels and 100 solo levels featuring ever-increasing difficulty. Global leaderboards let players prove their parking skills and grant bragging rights over friends.

During the game’s first season, Happy Volcano is working with LifePack, a gaming charity that focuses on tackling child malnutrition. Starting at launch and ending on November 30, 2022, players are able to purchase the LifePack premium cosmetics bundle in the store with all proceeds going to the charity.

Launch day is here, and we’re so excited not only to hit both Xbox and PC with You Suck at Parking, but also to do so on Game Pass on day one. But there’s more to come, not only with launches on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch next year, but in continuous new content for the existing releases every two weeks as well.

David Prinsmel, You Suck at Parking Game Director

The self-published game is also being developed for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation in 2023. Happy Volcano previously announced that they have partnered with Fireshine Games, formerly Sold Out, to release the physical editions of You Suck at Parking on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. Physical editions will be parking on store shelves in 2023.

You Suck at Parking is now available on Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam as well as Xbox for $19.99/£16.99/€19.99. In addition, the game is available on Game Pass. A Windows PC demo is available on Steam where players can also wishlist the game. Visit for more information.

You Suck at Parking – Launch Trailer | Happy Volcano

Happy Volcano (@hvgames Twitter, @happyvolcanogames Facebook, YouTube) is a game development studio based in Leuven, Belgium. The team of skilled game designers, artists, and developers is well-funded and backed by Hiro Capital and Ian Livingstone. Included in the studio’s portfolio is The Almost Gone and You Suck at Parking.

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