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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Releases Free Pirates Update

Untold Tales and indie developer Exit Plan Games have cut anchor and set sail with the Pirates Update for Bang-On Balls: Chronicles. This latest big update for the early access title features plenty of treasure to plunder treasure and a helping high seas shenanigans.

Set sail for the 17th century where pirates, privateers, merchants, and the naval armadas of the European powers dominate the high seas. Deep sea creatures, voodoo curses, skeleton armies, Spanish forts, buccaneer hideouts, and a pirate shopping center are just some of the things found on the biggest map added to date. Additionally, besides a few lush islands, the map is loaded with things to see, do, and uncover.

As with the whole game, this new map supports both single player and online co-op up to four players modes. Players will want to assemble a crew as some boss fights and secrets can only be triggered and played in co-op.

There are lots of activities for players across the map. Plunder and demolish strongholds or seek out and save mermaids. From battling one’s way through enemy-packed islands to hunting down and sinking marauding ships on open waters, there is always something to do.

Pirate-themed items lay in wait to be uncovered and collected. Players can use these items to customize their appearance, boat, and fighting style.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is available in Early Access along with the new free Pirates Update on Windows PC via Steam for $21.99. For more information follow @bangonballs on Twitter or visit the game’s website

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles – Pirate Expansion Launch Trailer | Untold Tales

Untold Tales (@UntoldTalesHQ Twitter, @untoldtalesgames Facebook, YouTube) is a specialist game publisher with a soft spot for games with a unique story to tell. Based in Poland, the publisher’s team features a collection of industry veterans who have seen both the good and the bad of all things in game publishing.

Exit Plan Games (@ExitPlanGames Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded by Damien Monnier and Jose Teixeira, the studio consists of less than 10 employees who want to deliver fun games with fresh concepts. Currently the studio is developing their first Steam title Bang-On Balls: Chronicles.