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Terra Ventura Action RPG Launches on Steam

Solo indie developer Logical Progression Games today fully released their isometric action RPG, Terra Ventura on Steam. This game is the studio’s first title and features classic styling with stream-lined modern gameplay sub-systems for the genre.

Keeping with RPG tradition, players can select a character with distinct attributes and abilities. Four different characters: Archer, Musketeer, Explorer, and Fighter, each other their own innate advantages and disadvantages.

Players will develop their selected character into a powerful force. Improve character stats with gameplay. Collect runes to gain powerful bonuses. Various skill trees offer character enhancements via Explosives, Attacking, Health, Alchemy, Materials, and Character paths,

Participate in real-time combat using traditional hack and slash methods or the character’s abilities. Collect randomized loot in the form armor, weapons, other inventory items, and gold and silver coins from enemies who fall before the player. May luck be on the player’s side as more than 30 items can be obtained randomly across the maps. Visit alchemists, smiths, merchants, and tailors to trade for additional items or repair gear.

Explore the medieval fantasy world. From lava lakes to underground caves the world is full of danger and wonder. One may find a classic town setting or a toxic wasteland. Desert dunes or winter conditions. Across the world are more than 30 enemies with different abilities and strengths.

A Terra Ventura release trailer is available on the developer’s YouTube channel and below featuring all of the core gameplay elements.

Terra Ventura is available on Windows and Linux OS via Steam for $14.99. A 20% off introductory offer is available until September 12, 2022. Visit the game’s Steam page or join the Terra Ventura Discord for additional information.

Terra Ventura Release trailer | Logical Progression Games

Logical Progression Games (@LogicalProgres3 Twitter, YouTube) is a solo indie development studio. The studio’s first title is the action RPG Terra Ventura.