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Neon Abyss Cornucopia Update Brings Content Parity

Team17 and developer Veewo Games today released the Cornucopia Update for their frantic roguelite action-platformer, Neon Abyss. Today’s update brings content parity, or rather all platforms now have the same content seen in the Steam version of the game.

The update features five new bosses in the dark underworld, nine additional action-packed levels, seven new weapons to destroy abyssal atrocities, and over sixty brand new items to collect to help one’s chances. All content from the Call of Hades update and onwards is included in the update.

Launching alongside the Cornucopia Update for Neon Abyss is the premium DLC, The Chrono Trap. This DLC brings a new Endless Mode and the Titan. Plus for a limited time, the update is free for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players.

Neon Abyss is available on PC via Humble Bundle, Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store for $19.99. Console versions of the game are available for $19.99 for Xbox One from Microsoft, PlayStation 4 from the PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Switch from Humble Bundle and Nintendo. The premium DLC, The Chrono Trap, is available for free on consoles until August 30, 2022.

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Neon Abyss – Cornucopia Update Trailer | Team17

Veewo Games (@VeewoGames Twitter, @veewogames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game development studio based in Xiamen, China. Founded in 2011, the studio aims to create fun and beautiful games. Previously the studio has delivered 4 titles to market with Dark Slash, Just Get 10, Super Phantom Cat, and Super Phantom Cat 2. The studio’s games have repeatedly won Editor’s Choice awards and been featured on the global App Store and Google Play.

Team17 (@Team17 Twitter, @Team17 Facebook, YouTube) is an international video game label and creative partner for independent developers. Founded in 1990, the Team17 portfolio comprises of over 100 games of which includes The Escapists, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, and the Worms franchise.

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