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Catizens Colony Sim Mid-August Early Access Release Date

HeroCraft PC and indie developer Bad Optics Games have set a mid-August Early Access release date for their cat colony sim, Catizens. Players looking to get an early look at this cute title can check out the game’s demo on Steam.

Cute and cuddly cats have started a kingdom. Every citizen or rather catizen has their own unique and quirky personality. Sometimes the kingdom’s residents will form relationships or offer personal quests that players will want to fulfill.

A variety of professions help run the kingdom. Farming, blacksmithing, and even knighthood are available. As the settlement develops, players will find the need to expand outward. Exploring the wilderness can reveal a range of new areas with different environments. From the best fishing spots to hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered.

However all is not safe in these once peaceful lands. A nearby volcano poses a real threat to the kingdom. Plus there are evil rats lurking everywhere along with other forest-dwelling creatures. Sometimes the kingdom will need to be defended from these hostile critters.

Players can customize cats and design the purr-fect home. A range of facial and body features, along with various personality traits are available. Different accessories, roof colors, and other customizable details are available to make the kitty settlement as comfortable as possible.

Catizens Early Access release date is set for August 17, 2022, on PC through Steam. A Catizens demo is currently available on Steam where players can also add the game to their wishlist. For more information visit the game’s website at

Catizens – Early Access Release Date Trailer | HeroCraft PC

Bad Optics Games (@badopticsgames Twitter) is an indie studio based in the United States. Currently the studio is working on their debut title Catizens led by Yang Shan who brings game development experience from her time working on The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 as a gameplay engineer.

HeroCraft PC (@HeroCraftPC Twitter, @HeroCraftGames YouTube) is a subdivision of the established developer and publisher HeroCraft. The company’s focus is on high-quality games with more than ten games in the role-playing, action, and strategy genres in their portfolio. Currently the HeroCraft PC subdivision is working on several projects including Anvil Saga, Revival: Recolonization, Catizens, and Organs Please.