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Triple Take 2D Precision Platformer Demo on Steam

Bonus Stage Publishing and British developer FlyAway have released a demo on Steam for their fast-paced 2D precision platformer, Triple Take. The game is set to release in October on Steam.

Presented as a series of unexpected experiences, Triple Take, is a precision platformer where the 2D level evolves as a player completes it. Starting a level for the first may give one the false impression that the game is too easy. This quickly changes as players play on further into the game. With each beaten level, the level will change somehow and players will need to play it again. This repeats for a total of three times, hence the name, Triple Take.

Every time a level changes the difficulty goes up. Jumps become harder, new threats are unmasked and new pathways are revealed. Each level has three variations and there are five worlds with over 50 levels in total. Plus there are boss fights!

As players traverse the different levels via running, wall jumping, climbing, and swimming, they are greeted with monochromatic worlds, each a different shade. Diving deeper into the game players might even discover the real truth of the game’s story, as horrific as it may be.

The game features an original soundtrack by Tobias Roberts.

In June of this year FlyAway landed a publishing deal with Bonus Stage Publishing for Triple Take. An anonymous employee from the publisher described themselves as “stunned” after seeing the game. The same individual went on to comment about speedrunning in the game and how it “will be absolutely hilarious to watch.”

Triple Take is scheduled to launch on October, 6, 2022 on Steam for Windows PC. The Triple Take demo is available on Steam. Players can wishlist and follow the game on Steam. Visit the game’s Steam page for more information.

Triple Take Trailer | Bonus Stage Publishing

FlyAway (@FlyAway22554350 Twitter) is a British game developer that focuses on innovative ways of storytelling within video games. Currently the developer is busy working on the precision platformer Triple Take, a game that originally started out as a game jam entry.

Bonus Stage Publishing (@BonusStagePub Twitter) is a Finnish indie game publisher. Established in 2019, the company has published several indie titles including Sunblaze, Warshmallows, and the upcoming Last Soul.