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Voltage High Society Metroidvania Enters Steam Early Access

Independent game developer Platonic Partnership today released their first-person Metroidvania game, Voltage High Society, on Steam Early Access. Cybernetic monsters threaten a nameless prisoner in this horror experience.

Taking influence from movies like Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Escape From New York, Voltage High Society blends 1990s cyberpunk horror with the Metroidvania genre. Retro gritty graphics with modern touches and fast-paced arcade combat are the heart and soul of the game.

As a nameless prisoner on an island ruled by cybernetic monsters, players must fight their way through these technological abominations to escape the island. Every turn, each fight offers a chance to gain new weapons and abilities.

Some acquired tools will grant access to new areas. While fighting enemies and solving puzzles players will always be looking for a way out. Escape is the only way to get away from the nightmarish horrors and violence.

The Early Access period for Voltage High Society is expected to last between 10 and 14 months. Q1 2023 would be the earliest possible full release. Currently the game features one map sector with linear gameplay of four different monster types for roughly 30 minutes of gameplay. Some upgrades are available for the player to gather. During Early Access development, four more larger sectors along with expanding the initial area will be added. Sectors will intertwine with found abilities and weapons and will include new monsters, upgrades, and boss fights.

During Early Access, the developer is inviting the community to discuss and vote for the next features on the Platonic Partnership Discord. In addition the developer is active on the Community Hub. As new content and features are added to the game, the developer plans to gradually increase the game’s price.

Voltage High Society is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $3.99. A 10% off introductory discount is available until August 3, 2022. Follow @VoltageSociety on Twitter or visit for more information.

Voltage High Society Teaser Trailer | Platonic Partnership

Platonic Partnership (@PlatPartShip Twitter, @PlatonicPartnership Facebook, @platonic_partnership Instagram) is a game studio from Vaasa, Finland. In 2017, the studio was awarded the Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2017 by Neogames ry and Suomen Pelinkehittäjät ry. The award-winning developer’s focus is on narrative-driven games for PC and consoles, aiming to bring joy and wisdom into the lives of people. Titles in the studio’s portfolio include: Levaluhta, NAHKA, Lydia, Good Mourning, and Voltage High Society.