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Sapiens Prehistoric Civilization Builder Out in Early Access

Solo developer Majic Jungle today released their prehistoric colony sim, Sapiens, on Steam Early Access. The civilization builder launches with a limited time 10% discount and recently won “The Perfect Recipe” award at the New Zealand Game Festival’s Pav Awards.

Imagine a world untouched by technology, industrialization, or human settlement. This is what the world would look like at the dawn of humanity. In Sapiens, players get to experience this important moment as they work to build an entire civilization from the very beginning.

Starting with a small tribe of settlers, players venture forth into the primitive world. Use gathered materials to craft useful tools. Find and investigate new resources to have breakthroughs, unlocking new items to build and craft. Plant and harvest materials to settle untamed lands turning the wilds into a comfortable home.

At the core of the game are the sapiens themselves. Every action and direction goes through them. Individual sapiens can be instructed to focus on specific tasks allowing them to develop new skills. Sapiens can be sent long distances to establish camps to hunt large beasts such as mammoths. Players should note that some may be lost as this can be quite dangerous, but very rewarding.

Shelters keep sapiens happy and help preserve food and resources. Walls, roofs, seats, and fireplaces can be placed individually. Trees, logs, planks, and rocks can be removed or placed in similar fashion. The terrain can be modified by means of digging, mining, or filled to shape the world as a player sees fit. With a well managed civilization full of happy sapiens, players in time can grow their tribe to 100 members.

Mod support is available from the Steam Workshop. Players can create their own worlds to explore and test through the extensive mod support.

An Early Access Roadmap is available on Steam laying out the game’s direction over three phases. Phase One is focused on content such as weaving linen from twine, challenging events, more building components, new bread oven, and more. Multiplayer support along with dedicated server support is planned for Phase Two. VR support and mobs are planned for Phase Three. More details about the roadmap can be found on Steam here.

Sapiens is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $24.99. The Sapiens original soundtrack can be purchased as a separate DLC for $4.99. A 10% off introductory offer is available until August 2, 2022. Follow @playsapiens on Twitter, join the game’s Discord, or visit for more information.

Sapiens Early Access Trailer | Dave Frampton (Majic Jungle)

Majic Jungle (@majicDave Twitter) is a solo developer studio created by Dave Frampton. Based in the Hawke’s Bay region on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Frampton has been busy making games for nearly 20 years. The success of each major release has helped to fund the development of the next project. Frampton’s passion for creating living, breathing worlds with creative and interactive play can be seen in his portfolio that includes: Chopper, Chopper 2, The Blockheads, and Sapiens.