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Food Truck Simulator Preps New Steam Demo for This Week

Movie Games and developer DRAGO entertainment have announced that a revamped demo for Food Truck Simulator is heading to Steam this week. The new demo comes from the team behind the 2021 hit Gas Station Simulator that features over 12,000 reviews, with 86% of the reviews being positive.

Customers are hungry and they want food now. Their patience is not on the players side. Players will find out fast that they need to be speedy with their orders and satisfy the customers palates to gain prestige. As one gains respect they will also gain more tricks and tools to stay up to speed. Of course this is expected for someone whose father fed a city with the same food truck in the past.

In the new demo there are a variety of improved elements and features for players to try out. Cutting has been reworked. A new tool wheel will help speed up kitchen work. Cleaning mechanics have expanded and include an appearance feature. Truck movement has seen improvements along with new upgrades and UI changes to the customization and upgrade tabs.

The compass has been replaced with a mini-map. An improved main map for the overall bigger map also offers new locations. Note that these locations are locked in the demo.

Clara now features a new voice actress. The city has city some polishing along with other game performance improvements.

A new Food Truck Simulator demo is set to drop this Wednesday on Steam. The previous demo, launched during Steam Next Fest this past February and is currently available on Steam.

Food Truck Simulator is set to release on September 14, 2022, for Windows PC on Steam. Follow @FoodTruckSim on Twitter or @foodtrucksim on Facebook for more information.

Food Truck Simulator Demo Trailer | DRAGO entertainment

DRAGO entertainment (@DragoEnt Twitter) was established in 1998 in Cracow, Poland. The studio is comprised of a highly experienced and motivated team that is focused on computer game production and development primarily for PC. Currently the studio is working on several projects that includes Airport Contraband, Gas Station Simulator, and Paparazzi Simulator.

Movie Games S.A. (@MovieGamesSA Twitter) is a Polish company founded in 2016 by Mateusz Wcześniak. The company is supported by Aleksey Uchański who has nearly three decades of game industry and media experience and Maciej Miąsik who is a gaming legend and developer who also has nearly three decades of experience. Currently the company employs about 80 people working on more than 10 productions.