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Galactic Ruler to Leave Early Access in August

Canadian software developer and creator of the Supreme Ruler series BattleGoat Studios have announced the upcoming Early Access exit for the space-based strategy title, Galactic Ruler. Starting on August, 3, 2022, players can enjoy the full breadth of the game’s real-time strategic and tactical gameplay.

From procedurally generated galaxies to star systems full of planets, gameplay takes place at both the planetary level and in the vastness of space. On one’s homeworld, players will work to consolidate their power through the solar system. Beyond players will want to expand their influence throughout a galaxy.

Galaxies can be customized. Both size and density will affect the number of systems and how many planets. Along with a variety of alien races to play as or against the possibilities are nearly endless. Players can opt for a more diplomatic approach to gain power or go on a galaxy-wide conquest wiping out hostile enemies while reaping rich resources.

Players can choose their level of control. One can make all decisions themselves or use an AI to assist in the process. Up to 15 players are supported in multiplayer.

Improvements to one’s military, social, and economic capabilities can be researched. Use these improvements to trade for needed goods, wage large-scale planetary battles, engage in epic space battles, and negotiate alliances. Develop advanced technologies from gathered resources and rule the galaxy.

Galactic Ruler is currently available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $39.99. The Early Access of Galactic Ruler is set for August 3, 2022. For more information visit the game’s developer page here.

Galactic Ruler – Cinematic Teaser Trailer | BattleGoat Studios

BattleGoat Studios (@BattleGoat Twitter, @supremeruler Facebook, Discord) is a Canadian software developer. Founded in 2000, by George Geczy and David Thompson, the company’s story has roots dating back to 1982, when Geczy had written Supreme Ruler for the TRS-80. In June 2005, Supreme Ruler 2010, was released with more franchise releases following. At 40 years old, the Supreme Ruler franchise is one of the old gaming franchises still in active development.