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Sanabi Fall Early Access Roadmap Details, Speedrun Event

NEOWIZ and South Korean indie developer Wonder Potion released an ambitious roadmap for the dystopian action-platformer, Sanabi. Since the June Early Access launch, nearly 700 players have given the 2D pixel platformer a 97% “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam.

In the coming months, players can look forward to experiencing new content and feature improvements. All of these upcoming changes are based on community feedback.

From now until November, the development team has a wealth of new content to share with players. The story up to Chapter 5, an all-new guide system for “easy level” players, new collectives, and new side stories are examples of content coming soon. In addition several technical improvements such as more robust optimizations, UI finalizations, and bug squishing are coming as well.

The Sanabi community is slated for an expansion when work on the Nintendo Switch port of Sanabi begins in November.

Full details on the released Sanabi roadmap can be found on Steam.

While players wait for the new content to release, an ongoing Speedrun event challenges players to set the record for the fastest run through the game. The player with the fastest record through August 7, 2022, will have their name inscribed in the Hall of Fame page on the official Sanabi website and will receive a Steam digital gift card. More information about the Speedrun event can be found on the Sanabi Discord.

Sanabi is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $14.99. Follow @SANABI_Mufin on Twitter or visit for more information.

SANABI – Early Access Trailer | NEOWIZ West

NEOWIZ (@NEOWIZWest Twitter) is a leading developer and publisher in South Korea. The Korean based headquarters are located in Seongnam – Pangyo, South Korea, and the company’s global publishing headquarters are located in Seattle. Founded in 1997 the company has worked on a wide range of projects including FIFA OnlineNBA Street, and Battlefield Online.

Wonder Potion (@WonderPotion Twitter, YouTube) is an indie game development team based in South Korea. Currently the team is busy working on their Early Access dystopian platformer Sanabi.

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