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Shapebreaker Indie Tower Defense Deckbuilder Hits Steam Early Access

Belgian solo indie developer Alexander Van den Bulck today released his tower defense deckbuilder, Shapebreaker, into Early Access on Steam. Gameplay features a fusion of tower defense and roguelike deckbuilders in minimalist setting.

Shapes have had enough and the attack is underway. The attacks are occurring in diverse locations with various enemies who are heading straight to the core. Players need to build a defense by playing cards and upgrading their towers. To thwart the attack, towers can be positioned to create the perfect maze, breaking the shapes before they break the core.

Each playthrough is unique and contains distinct rewards, areas, and enemies. Gained rewards allow for deck, defense, and playstyle customization. Picking the right curio passive upgrade will aid in one’s strategy. Play cards to build and improve towers. Unique towers can be created by combining different modules and elements. No matter what happens, the shapes cannot breach the core.

Initial development on Shapebreaker began in December 2021. At the time the solo developer envisioned a game that combines two of his favorite genres: tower defense and roguelike deckbuilders. The original game concept received a positive reception and was made available on to gather additional feedback during the early development process. A very early, no longer supported, version of the game is still available at press time on the Shapebreaker game page.

Shapebreaker is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $2.99. Follow @ShapebreakerTD on Twitter or join the Shapebreaker Discord for more information.

Shapebreaker – Tower Defense Deckbuilder – Early Access Trailer | Alexander Van den Bulck

Alexander Van den Bulck (@alexandervdb is a solo independent game developer based in Belgium. Alexander has a passion for developing turn-based roguelike and card games. His game portfolio on Steam includes Command Line Pilot and Shapebreaker.