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PowerWash Simulator Washes Away Early Access

Square Enix Collective and developer FuturLab today announced that PowerWash Simulator has left Early Access and is now ready to clean up. The squeaky clean simulation game is available for purchase on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in addition to Game Pass for PC and console.

Clean away the dirt and grim with the power of a relaxing power washer. Unlock new tools and upgrades to help clean more efficiently and remove all the built-up dirt.

We are thrilled to bring the opportunity to relax, unwind and get creative to millions of players with the launch of POWERWASH SIMULATOR.

Chris Mehers, COO of FuturLab

In the town of Muckingham, an active volcano smolders nearby. Things are extremely dirty, plus the mayor’s cat seems to be missing. While things may seem grimy now, just a little effort from a power washing business startup can give back the town’s shine.

As players blast away every inch of grim in town, they’ll uncover secrets and objects. Every level has a story to tell. From humble homes to ancient architecture, there are plenty of locations in need of a deep cleaning.

There’s really nothing quite as satisfying as blasting the dirt off to reveal the unique environments within POWERWASH SIMULATOR. We are excited to add even more content to the game in the future.

James Marsden, Founder and Co-CEO of FuturLab

This game is for anyone who likes a bit of cleanliness. From the casual cleaners to the dedicated detailers, everyone can pick up and play the game. Immersion becomes imminent the moment players start stripping away the dirt and grim with their power washer.

The PowerWash Simulator Early Access exit comes on the heels of several major content updates. Two of the most recent updates were Patch 0.8 that added a subway and planes, and Patch 0.9 added new community maps. Going forward the game will be further expanded with regular updates.

PowerWash Simulator is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from Microsoft for $24.99. The game is also available on Game Pass for PC and console. Follow @PowerWashSim on Twitter or visit for more information.

PowerWash Simulator – Full Release Trailer V1.0 | Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective is a London-based division of Square Enix Ltd. that was launched in 2014. The Collective’s goal is to assist indie game developers, build community awareness for hundreds of game pitches, and has helped teams raise over $1.2 million in funding via Kickstarter campaigns.

Square Enix Ltd. (@SquareEnix Twitter) develops, publishes and licenses entertainment as a part of the Square Enix group of companies. The group currently holds a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including the Final Fantasy franchise which has sold over 164 million units globally, Dragon Quest franchise with over 83 million units sold globally, and Tomb Raider franchise with over 85 million units sold worldwide.

FuturLab (@FuturLab Twitter) is a boutique game studio based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Since 2003 the studio has developed and published games on PC and console. The studio’s portfolio includes: Velocity 2X, Tiny Trax, Mini-Mech Mayhem, and Peaky Blinders: Mastermind. Currently the studio is working on PowerWash Simulator.

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