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Nano Gaming News Changes, YouTube, and More

As some readers may have noticed, Nano Gaming News (NGN) is updating its look. Over the last few days and weeks, NGN began rolling out an updated logo for our news organization. The logo is not the only change occurring.

It is often wise for an individual or organization to take a beat and revaluate the current landscape. Since the new year, NGN has been looking at what we are doing as well as the current state of gaming journalism. After much debate, change is necessary.

For gaming journalism the printed word, even when done digitally, only shares part of the story. We recognized the limitations of the written word early on and tried to always include any relevant media in the form of graphics, screenshots, and videos with an article. However, after our internal reflection, we at NGN realize that we can do so much more.

In our effort to better deliver gaming news content, we are officially launching the Nano Gaming News YouTube channel. This channel will feature a wide range of gaming related content that includes new releases, reviews, hardware, editorials, and more!

We want to note that NGN is still evaluating our media presence. While YouTube will be the place to find great Nano Gaming News video content, we are still examining other media formats including podcasts and streaming content.

As for the website, NGN will still be posting written articles and reviews. Our loyal readers should see an uptick in the volume of posted content as we move forward with additional mixed media content.

Some loyal readers may have noticed that NGN has done away with ads. We are gamers, internet users, humans just like our readers and we too dislike ads. In out effort to streamline our delivery of content we have removed all ads from the website.

The removal of ads from our site will have an small impact on our revenue sources. However, with the removal of ads we feel this creates a positive user experience and allows us to deliver gaming focused content without additional distractions.

To offset any revenue impacts, NGN is evaluating other means of funding and we will have more on this topic in the near future. Thank you for your time and your loyal support!