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Cooking Championship Steam Demo

Golden Eggs Studio and developer West Wind Games have released a demo on Steam for their upcoming cooking tournament game, Cooking Championship. Previously the cooking simulator demo was released for Steam Next Fest.

Visit Thailand and learn local recipes in the Cooking Championship demo. Participate and try to win the first of eight cooking tournaments. Players can have a small bite of what the full version of the game will contain.

In the full version, players will be participating in a televised cooking competition. The show takes place at eight different and unique locations around the world including Paris, Berlin, Spain, Peru, and Mexico. Starting in Asia, players will travel through countries spread around the world and will learn about a variety of cuisines and dishes. Each recipe is prepared by professional chefs adding to the immersive realism of cooking.

The developer is asking for interested players to play the demo and share their feedback to help tailor the game for all players.

Cooking Championship currently does not have a release date. A Cooking Championship demo is out now on Steam. Players can add the game to their Steam wishlist now. Visit the game’s Steam page for more information.

Cooking Championship – Phuket, Thailand Preview | West Wind Games

Golden Eggs Studio (@ges_dev_pl Twitter, @GoldenEggsStudio Facebook) is a Polish game development studio based in Warsaw. The studio produces games for PC and consoles. Currently, the studio is working on 10 projects for PC and consoles with three of the projects for Nintendo Switch. Games in the studio’s portfolio include: Animal Rescue, Broken Blades, Cooking Championship, and Pope Simulator.

West Wind Games (@West_Wind_Games Twitter, @WestWindGames Facebook) is a young development studio and video game publisher. Based in Poland, the studio benefits from many years of experience and capital resources from its main shareholders: Gaming Factory, Glob Games Studio, Gaming Ventures and Flash Ventures. Some of the studio’s game portfolio includes: Grave Hunter, Midnight Diner, Evil Cucumber, 666 Masks, Project Dodge, Broken Blades, Aligned Sights, Bow Run, and Cooking Championship.