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Bloodhunt Announces Summer Update Details

Sharkmob today announced an action-packed Summer Update for the popular vampire-themed free-to-play battle royale, Bloodhunt, is coming in July. The all new 8v8 Team DeathMatch mode along with a range of new items in the aggressively priced Summer Pass are included in the update.

This update will put a stake through the expensive seasonal battle pass model seen in many battle royale titles. Part of the reason for the change comes from the developer’s decision to issue updates faster than the traditional seasonal model of 12 weeks would allow. Going forward players can expect smaller updates more often.

As a team, we have decided to move away from the traditional seasons model within Battle Royale games, and instead we will be focussing on giving players smaller, more regular updates. We feel that sustaining seasons in the typical way is not what works for our relatively small team so we want to challenge the norm by releasing updates much faster than previously planned but in smaller chunks.

David Sirland, Live Producer of Bloodhunt, Sharkmob

A Summer Pass will be available for players to bite into at the price of only 600 Tokens which translates to roughly $5.99. The pass includes over 100 new items. Sharkmob is pricing their Summer Price to be a bargain. For example, the popular battle royale PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS recently wrapped up their SURVIVOR PASS: GALAXY SQUAD which costs 990 G-Coins with 500 G-Coins costing $4.99.

One of the biggest changes in the Bloodhunt Summer Update is the addition of the Team DeathMatch mode. The mode, launching in beta, features two teams of eight players battling each other with unlimited respawns. First team to reach the score limit wins. This mode gives players who find playing solo or in duos difficult a chance to experience the game in a different way. There are five unique areas for this game mode in Prague that include: Slaughterhouse, Disco, Hotel, Construction and Harbor.

Our game can be quite challenging when playing solo or even in duos so we are particularly excited to be able to introduce the Team DeathMatch mode to give players a thrilling new experience with more playtime per person than ever before in the battlegrounds of Prague. We will continue to focus on working hard to enhance the current game experience as much as possible, listening to player feedback and keeping our community updated with the roadmap of future content.

David Sirland, Live Producer of Bloodhunt, Sharkmob

Other changes in the update include new map locations such as the Ventrue train at the Train Station and the attic is now open at Rudolfinum. The Ventrue area in Elysium is now open where players can meet Em. Players can now wield a knife or crowbar in battle. This update also features several minor and major bug fixes including the reload and red gas bugs.

Currently six million player accounts have registered to play Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. The Summer Update will go live on July 14, 2022, at 1.00 AM PT / 9.00 BST / 10.00 CEST.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is free-to-play on PC via Steam and on PlayStation 5 and the GeForce NOW streaming service. Follow @Bloodhunt on Twitter or visit for additional information.

Bloodhunt – Official Summer Update Trailer |

Sharkmob (@SharkmobGames Twitter) is a game studio with office locations in Malmö, Sweden and London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2017 the studio utilizes the Unreal Engine to power its AAA quality games for PC and console. In 2019 the studio was acquired by Tencent Games. Currently the studio is working on three unannounced projects.