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The Galactic Junkers Blasts Off on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Green Man Gaming Publishing and indie developer Evil Twin Artworks have released on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch their new comedic space adventure, The Galactic Junkers. Last month the game launched on PC and Xbox consoles.

A Great Cataclysm destroyed the Earth. Set in the distant future, humanity has been forced to spread across cosmos. With an unknown amount of time since the cataclysm, humanity has withered and is barely surviving. Some space captains have had enough this life. As one of these brave and possibly insane captains, players will blast off on a dangerous journey to build a new life for both themselves and their hired crew.

Being a space captain is a lot of hard work. Space seems like it might be fun and it might be if it was not for all the issues at hand. The ship in need of repairs, the computer is moody, and to put it nicely the crew is made up of idiots. On top of all the previous problems the captain has a bounty on their head and is being hunted by both space pirates and the Galactic Union.

At the heart of the game with its nine planets and their neighboring sectors is exploration. The mysteries of space beckon with asteroids, abandoned shipwrecks, deadly pirates, and strange aliens. All the essential skills of mining, salvaging, stealing, and trading are available to gather the resources and components necessary to survive and maintain the ship.

Ship upgrades can be found along one’s travels. These upgrades can help give engines a boost to escape the Galactic Union while other upgrades may give guns more power to help take out those pesky pirates. Players with great business minds might snag a good deal, trading in their ship for a better model. If players can somehow evade capture or being blown up, they might discover a bigger destiny for themselves and their crew.

Earlier this year in March, the game’s developer launched The Galactic Junkers Kickstarter campaign. The goal was to raise £15,000 in funds, however, about two weeks into the campaign on April 5, the Kickstarter campaign was canceled. An announcement came stating that the game had been privately backed. Later that same month a global multiplatform publishing deal from Green Man Publishing was announced.

The Galactic Junkers is now available via Humble Bundle, Steam, and Green Man Gaming for Windows PC and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from Microsoft, PS4 and PS5 from the PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Switch from Nintendo eShop at the price of $16.99/£12.99/€13.99. Follow @GalacticJunkers on Twitter for more information.

Galactic Junkers Launch Trailer | Evil Twin Artworks

Green Man Gaming Publishing (@gmg_publishing Twitter) is a division of the multi-award-winning global video games retailer and technology business, Green Man Gaming. The publishing division works with independent developers to bring their great indie games to the marketplace.

Evil Twin Artworks (@ievilgames Twitter) is an indie game developer that creates PC and console games. Located in the South West England town of Swindon, the developer is currently busy working on their comedic space combat adventure The Galactic Junkers. The developer’s game portfolio also includes: Victory at Sea Ironclad, Victory at Sea Pacific, Man O’ War: Corsair, and the TIGA award winning Victory at Sea.

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