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FireSquad Fire-Fighting Game Out on Steam

Hungarian indie developer Falcon GameStudio today released their self-published fire-fighting strategy game, FireSquad, on Steam. Taking a top-down tactical approach, players control four firefighters who come to the rescue.

Buildings can catch fire and people may find themselves trapped inside. Firefighters are those who answer the call to rescue. In FireSquad, players control a group of firefighters who will work to prevent the spread of fire. Break through doors and smash windows, do whatever is necessary to control the flames.

Survivors may be found in cabinets, beds, and other places so players will need to search where people may hide from the fire. The building’s entrance will need to be kept clear so firefighters can bring survivors to safety while battling the fire and keep critical locations from going up in flames.

As the fire spreads players will need to adapt their strategy. Gameplay is fast-paced with semi-randomized levels keeping the experience fresh for each playthrough. There are a total of 30 different map layouts and three types of buildings with different features.

Between levels the squad can be upgraded with features like increased movement speed, increased carrying speed, or faster fire extinguishing rate. If players are finding the challenges to be a bit easy they can always dynamically increase the difficulty by increasing the level modifiers. Examples are increase fire spread rate or increased survivor count.

No matter what happens, players will need to always keep the fire in check. If too many critical spots are on fire the building will collapse with any remaining survivors inside including the firefighters.

FireSquad is available on Windows PC via Steam for $11.99. Join the Falcon GameStudio Discord or visit the FireSquad Steam page for more information about the game.

Falcon GameStudio is a one-person indie game development company. Based in Hungary the developer’s goal is to experiment with new ideas and new mechanics in effort to find new and interesting gameplay. The studio’s game portfolio includes FireSquad, StarDrone, and High Gear.