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Robo Legend Twin-Stick Shooter Demo on Steam

Pennsylvania-based independent game developer Little Neuron, today announced the release of a demo for their twin-stick shooter RPG, Robo Legend. Write Robo’s legend as one decides the fate of Gear Town and its robot people.

Play as Robo, a mercenary robot who was kidnapped to an alien world. Now under attack by Voidbot and his forces, players are faced with choices that include the salvation or domination of Gear Town.

Blast waves of hostile robots and beat back evil bosses. Complete quests, explore biomes, play minigames, and solve puzzles to end the conflict. The story is based off of the player’s choices. Will one walk the path of the hero or the path of the villain?

Featuring cute-pixel art this 2D adventure takes place across 7 biomes and the charming Gear Town. Containing cartoonish violence against robotic enemies, the developer would like to note that some of the possible outcomes of Robo’s legend may be considered dark and upsetting to younger players.

Robo Legend is planned for a fall 2022 release on Steam for Windows PC. The Robo Legend demo is available on Steam for Windows PC.

Robo Legend Main Trailer | Little Neuron

Little Neuron LLC (@NeuronLittle Twitter) is an independent video game studio. Founded in 2021 by Travis O’Brien, the studio resides on the East Coast in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States. Currently the studio is busy working on their first game, a twin-stick shooter, Robo Legend.