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Summoners Fate Roguelike Deck Builder Out Now via Steam Early Access

Independent game developer D20Studios, today announced the Steam Early Access release of their roguelike deck builder, Summoners Fate. Playing like a traditional board game, this adventurous roguelike mixes turn-based combat with spell-slinging card combat.

Players pick one of eight summoners and begin a quest throughout the multiverse in real-time. Taking inspiration from classic tabletop titles, game events are decided with the roll of a D20. The goal of this perilous journey is to locate hidden secrets, powerful cards, and battle-changing team members. Don’t forget to bring the gold for the goblin’s birthday party and watch out for mutated rabbits.

Cards in the game act as a finite resource. This creates a unique deck building experience with over 300 cards and a deck size capped at 20 cards. When a spell card is cast it is sent to the discard pile where it will stay until the player greets a cosmic tortoise and consumes some marshmallows. Powerful card combinations perform similar to that of Slay the Spire or Monster Train and if a player runs out of cards there is the tactical turn-based grid combat similar to that of Xcom or Phoenix Point.

Presented in a top-down format the game features four colorful worlds and an ever-changing adventure. Over 30 characters are waiting to be met through world events, all of which can join in on the journey. Players will want to adapt to their situation. A Battle Mode allows players to build a constructed deck from discovered cards and then test this deck along with two allied units against powerful enemies.

The Summoners Fate Steam Next Fest demo is still available as of press time. Any progress made in the Steam Next Fest demo towards unlocking summoners, cards, and achievements will carry over into the full game if purchased.

Summoners Fate is available on Windows and Mac via Steam Early Access for $19.99. A 10% discount is available until June 27, 2022. Follow @SummonersFate on Twitter or visit for more information about the game.

Summoners Fate Trailer May 2022 | D20Studios

D20Studios (@D20studio Twitter, @D20Studios Facebook, @D20Studios Twitch) is an independent game development company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Focused on building naturally satisfying accessible games, the company values community driven development, quality products, and excellent customer service. Founded in 2009 by Ross Przybylski, the company’s portfolio includes the mobile game Hero Mages and the desktop title Summoners Fate.