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Escape Simulator Adds New Steampunk DLC, Room Editor 2.0 Update

Croatian indie developer Pine Studio released a brand new Escape Simulator DLC on Steam, the Steampunk DLC. The studio’s next-gen first-person escape room game is also receiving a free update adding in the 2.0 upgrade to the Room Editor.

Since the game’s October 2021 release, Escape Simulator has been played by over a million players worldwide. Fans of the game now can enjoy the new paid Steampunk DLC that adds a whole new steampunk world to explore. In addition all of the steampunk assets will be publicly available for free for everyone in the Room Editing community.

In the new DLC, players find themselves aboard the airship Valor. With full steampunk visuals, the airship is filled with puzzles containing classic elements of genre such as gears and cogs. Four brand new rooms will challenge players as they explore and interact with the various machines and objects located within.

An exclusive steampunk outfit is available in the DLC for the player’s character. The estimated runtime for the new DLC is around four hours. Each room is larger than any of the official rooms available. Only those who own the DLC will be able to play the new rooms online.

A free update to the base game is available with the DLC launch. The update upgrades the Room Editor to version 2.0. This upgrade adds a model importer, lighting tools, LUA scripting, and post-processing effects. These additions will help elevate the look and quality of community created rooms while also enabling additional creative avenues.

The room building community has created more than 2,500 rooms since release. Pine Studio also stimulates community creativity by hosting room building contests with prizes. Some builders have put in over 400 hours into a single escape room build.

Escape Simulator is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $14.99. The Escape Simulator: Steampunk DLC is available from Steam for $4.99. For more information about Escape Simulator visit the game’s website at

Escape Simulator: Steampunk DLC – Release Trailer | Pine Studio

Pine Studio (@PineStudioLLC Twitter) is a small boutique game development studio located in Samobor, Croatia. The developer’s primary focus is on the puzzle game genre with several titles available on various platforms including PC, consoles, mobile and augmented reality devices.

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