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Sker Ritual Demo Announced for Steam Next Fest

Wales Interactive today revealed that a timed exclusive demo for their upcoming co-op survival FPS, Sker Ritual, will be available in the Steam Next Fest event. The demo will enable 1-4 players to team up online and face Sker Island’s Quiet Ones and the more powerful cohabitants, The Elites.

In the demo, players can customize their character’s horror themed masks and jump right into Solo, Private, and Quick Play online matchmaking. Only one map, The Cursed Lands of Lavernock, will be available. The demo includes a sample of the game’s Story Objectives and full access to The Laughing Policeman’s shop is available. Plus the steampunk inspired Magnificent Munitions Upgrade Station will be active.

Steam Next Fest is scheduled to run from June 13, 2022 to June 20, 2022. The Sker Ritual will be available as an alpha demo for a limited 30 minutes per game with an unlimited amount of replays during Steam Next Fest. This upcoming demo represents the end of Alpha development and will switch to Beta development prior to the game’s Early Access launch this summer.

Beta promises to deliver additional features to the game. Boss events, top tier enemies, and additional Elites with unique powers are coming. Additional maps, guns, steampunk upgrades, masks, customizations, complex objectives, Easter eggs, and improved mechanics for an unannounced revive system are also in the works for beta. Lastly more details and advanced functionality for the unannounced ‘Miracles’ system is coming soon to the beta.

Sker Ritual has a planned Early Access release date for Q2 2022 on Steam. Players can wishlist the Windows PC game now. Console versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S are planned for a Q1 2023 launch. More information can be found by joining the game’s Discord or by visiting

Sker Ritual – Reveal Trailer | Wales Interactive

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