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Rough Justice: ’84 Demo Available on Steam

Independent German developer Gamma Minus released today the alpha demo of their single-player strategy game Rough Justice: ’84. Set in 1984, the game puts players in charge of an emerging private security firm in a city with a growing criminal scene.

Seneca, a port city, is experiencing a big boom. Both upstanding citizens and criminals are reaping the rewards. Jim Baylor, a once top detective, seeks to clear his name after being falsely accused of crimes he never committed. Stripped of rank, title, and honor, Baylor is briefly incarcerated. His release from jail is questionable and now seeks to clear his name.

Players step into the role of Jim Baylor as he heads up a private security agency that hires, manages, trains, and deploys agents across the city. As the player seeks to clear Baylor’s name, they will get dirt on the people responsible for his downfall and discover the bigger picture at play.

Both friends and former colleagues offer aid in the effort to root out the criminal elements in the city. All resources from agents, modern surveillance technology, friends in the right places, and trust built through the ever-growing network of sources will need to be utilized in order to clear Baylor’s name.

Gameplay has players making all the decisions on who to hire. Manage and deploy a team of bounty hunters, repo agents, and private investigators to gather information and get the job done. Advise the team on the best course of action using calculated strategic decisions. Successful completion of contracts increases the agency’s reputation and unlocks additional content.

Featured in the game is a range of pop culture references. The 1980’s inspired game soundtrack is composed by Raouf Rectobiasi. Players can solve cases via puzzles, dice, or moral decisions. There are a wide range of agents to choose from and different case types that include security, repossession, 24/7, and more.

The Rough Justice: ’84 demo is available to download and play on Windows PC from Steam. Rough Justice: ’84 is planned to be released in Q1 2023. Follow @RoughJustice84 on Twitter or visit for more information.

Rough Justice: ’84 – Story Trailer | Gamma Minus

Gamma Minus UG (@gamma_minus Twitter, @GammaMinus Facebook) is an independent game developer based in Germany. Founded in 2018 by Jeremiah Costello and Friedrich Klemme, the developer in May 2022 received an Epic MegaGrant for their work on Rough Justice: ’84. The studio is also busy working on the tactical 5v5 PvP FPS Cold Comfort.