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Samurai Riot: Definitive Edition 2D Beat’em Up Debuts on Nintendo Switch

Hound Picked Games and French indie developer Wako Factory have released the Japanese-flavored 2D beat’em up, Samurai Riot: Definitive Edition, on Nintendo Switch. The previously launched on Steam for PC solo or co-op arcade-style game is also now available on the Epic Games Store with a limited-time discount.

Since the original release back in 2017, the Samurai Riot: Definitive Edition has come a long way. This updated edition offers new features and improvements. New animations at 60 FPS, new dialogs, slicker and improved combos, and updated backgrounds and ambiance are just a few of the changes. Pixel perfect stability and optimizations make this release 10 times lighter than the original.

We wanted to release Samurai Riot Definitive Edition on Switch because it’s an “old-school” cooperative game and the switch perfectly embodies the “couch game” aspect that we imagined, both in your living room or at a picnic table.

Charlotte Buchet, Art Director and Co-Founder of Wako Factory

The game still keeps the original easy to play, difficult to master gameplay. Now the more demanding gamer is rewarded with deeper content. Players can choose between 14 fighting schools that add a range of gameplay variation to a character’s moves and the havoc they can bring down upon their foes.

Genre fans are in for a visual treat. The backdrop story puts the player in a situation where they will want to think about their decisions in game and the consequences of their choices. Players have been hired to bring peace and tranquility to a land full of conflict. Each choice as Samurai Sukane or Tsurumaru will influence their destiny.

Samurai Riot: Definitive Edition is available on Windows and Mac from Steam for $11.99 and the Epic Games Store for $9.99. A 10% discount is available on the Epic Games Store until 4PM, June 8, 2022. Samurai Riot: Definitive Edition also available on Nintendo Switch via direct download from the Nintendo Store for $9.90.

Samurai Riot: Definitive Edition Trailer | Wako Factory

Wako Factory (@wakofactory Twitter) is an indie game studio. Based in Nantes, France, the studio focuses on co-operative gameplay. Established in 2014, Wako Factory is comprised of video game professionals with some being childhood friends. The studio’s portfolio includes: Succu’bus, Numini Stone, and Samurai Riot.

Hound Picked Games (@HoundPicked Twitter) is a publisher who specializes in teaming up with developers and co-publishing quintessential indie games. Born out of the love of discovering amazing indie games, the publisher has helped developers secure over $2.6 million in funding on Kickstarter. The publisher’s ever-growing portfolio includes: Dogfight, HyperParasite, DYSTORIA, NAIRI: Rising Tide, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, Ravenous Devils, Sunshine Manor, and Battle Princess Madelyn.