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Influence, Inc. Sims Modern-Day Propaganda and Advertising

Curious Bird today released their simulation-strategy game, Influence, Inc., that takes a modern-day look at propaganda and advertising. Manipulate media to promote clients via one’s influence for hire business.

In Influence, Inc. players operate a digital influence agency with a variety of clients. From governments to corporations, from celebrities to products, players will influence public opinion about their clients. To accomplish this and fulfill their mission, players will manipulate social media and traditional media outlets using research, targeting, and sharing leaks.

The game’s story unfolds over a month. Set in the fictional country of Tiar, both events at the agency and in the country progress the story. With the fictional country already edging towards authoritarianism, the player’s choices can nudge it over and if a player does will their profits be affected? Five distinct endings are possible and the game’s story is designed to be experienced and manipulated from multiple angles.

I want to create games that provoke reflection on modern-day dilemmas. Social media, clickbait news, and other systems that monetize our attention distract us from acting on critical issues, like eroding democratic norms and climate change. Attention is a limited, vital resource. How are we spending our attention, and what are we neglecting along the way?

Amanda Warner, Founder, Curious Bird

Designed and developed by Curious Bird founder, Amanda Warner, Influence, Inc. is not Warner’s first venture into the world video games about advertising. In 2017, Warner released the game Fake It To Make It, a game browser-based educational game about ad-driven fake news. Since release the game has been played over 300,000 times in more than 170 countries.

Influence, Inc. is available on Windows and Mac from Steam for $11.99. A 10% off special promotion offer runs until June 7, 2022. Visit for more information about the game.

Influence, Inc. Trailer | Curious Bird AB

Curious Bird AB (@CuriousBirdAB Twitter) is a game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded by Amanda Warner (@Amanda_Warner Twitter), Curious Bird creates games, simulations, and other interactive experiences that are educational, transformative, socially impactful, and inspires curiosity.