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Good Company Factory Management Sim to Launch on PC in June

Independent game developer Chasing Carrots and publisher The Irregular Corporation today announced that their PC factory management sim, Good Company, will exit Early Access in June. The 1.0 launch release will bring a variety of upgrades and changes including co-op multiplayer.

Upgrades to the boardroom table are just the beginning. With the 1.0 release, up to four players can participate in co-op multiplayer and build up their startup becoming the best tech corporation in the country. A complete campaign with two new missions, new products and module types, reworked level, balancing changes, and so much more is included in the launch release.

Players can currently grab a copy of the Early Access game that challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to create a powerful business. While the goal is straightforward, the means of accomplishing said goal are not. Would be entrepreneurs will need to manage staff, optimize supply chains, automate production lines, research new technologies, sell products on an everchanging marketplace, expand operations, and find creative ways to have positive cash flows.

The Good Company full release comes a little over two years after the game launched into Early Access in March, 2020. A demo is also being created to accompany the full release with more details to come soon. Along with today’s announcement a multiplayer trailer and a 2022 road map was released. Included on the road map was teasers for new features such as Manager Skills, Pinnable Recipes, and Business Expansion.

Good Company is currently available in Early Access on Windows PC from Humble Bundle, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games Store for $24.99/ €22.99 / £19.99. The game will fully launch on June 21, 2022. Visit the game’s website at

Good Company – Multiplayer Trailer | The Irregular Corporation

Chasing Carrots (@Chasing_Carrots Twitter) is a game developer located in the southern Germany city of Stuttgart. The self-funded studio draws inspiration from sources of all kinds to create games that they find delicious and tasty. Titles from the studio include Cosmonautica, Pressure Overdrive, Good Company, and Heart of Scrap.

The Irregular Corporation (@IrregularCorp Twitter) is an independent video game publisher. Based in London, the publisher features a team spread across the world. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans whose focus is creating and supporting original games for niche markets and communities, the company provides finance, development and publishing support for games.

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