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Dolmen Cosmic Sci-fi ARPG Launches on PC and Consoles

Prime Matter and developer Massive Work Studio today released their cosmic horror sci-fi ARPG, Dolmen. The game is available on Steam for PC and on consoles for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Using space travel technology and genetic manipulations to adapt to new environments, humanity has colonized several star systems. In this sci-fi universe, players will find themselves battling across a distant world, Revion Prime, in effort to unravel the mysteries of alien species, corrupt corporations, and unknown dimensions.

Behind all the madness appears to be an alien species known as the Vahani. This alien species roams the universe and alters the genetic makeup of other species. At this point it is unknown if their motives are noble or malevolent.

Some suspect that a crystal called Dolmen is central to their work. On Revion Prime there seems to be an abundance of Dolmen and humanity needs to unravel its secrets.

Dolmen is available on Windows PC from Steam for $39.99. The game is also available on PS4 and PS5 from the PlayStation Store and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from Microsoft for $39.99. Physical editions of the game for console are available at Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Amazon. Follow @DolmenGame on Twitter or visit for more information about the game.

Dolmen – Launch Trailer | Koch Media

Prime Matter (@primemattergg Twitter) is a premium gaming label headquartered in Munich, Germany and is a member of the Koch media Group. The label is dedicated to delivering a range of diverse and immersive games from game development talent all over the world.

Koch Media (@KochMedia Twitter) is a global developer, publisher, and distributor of video games, VR games, gaming hardware, and merchandise. With more than 25 years of experience in the digital media business the Koch Media Group runs a multi-label strategy with fully owned publishing units such as Deep Silver, Milestone, Vertigo Games and Ravenscourt, publishing games for consoles, PC and VR platforms across all physical and digital channels.

Massive Work Studio (@MassiveWork Twitter) is a game developer headquartered in Natal, Brazil. The studio has teams spread across Brazil and the world. Founded in 2016 by friends, the group of highly-skilled professionals set a goal of creating fun and memorable games. Currently the studio creates titles for PC, consoles and mobile devices. Their portfolio includes Dolmen and Tap Hitz.