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The Galactic Junkers Heading to PC and Consoles Late 2022

Green Man Gaming Publishing and indie developer Evil Twin Artworks today announced that their new comedic space adventure, The Galactic Junkers, is heading to PC and consoles in late 2022. Aspiring space ship captains will be able to helm their vessels on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC when the game launches.

Set in the far future after the Great Cataclysm destroyed the Earth, humanity had to become nomads and spread throughout the Solar System to survive. Humans found work on run down space stations or barely inhabitable asteroids to eke out a living. Some brave space captains decided that this lifestyle was not enough and are now traveling the cosmos to find a new future for humanity. As one of these captains, players are set off on a journey to build a new life for both themselves and their crew.

As a space captain, players will quickly learn that the job is no walk in the park. While the adventures are crazy fun, the ship is in need of repairs, the computer is moody, and there is a bounty on the player’s head. Plus there is the added bonus of crew being a bunch of idiots. Good luck captain!

Exploration is at the heart of the game as players journey across the solar system. All nine planets and their neighboring sectors can be explored. Mysterious asteroids, abandoned shipwrecks, and deadly pirates await.

In order to keep the spaceship operational and in one piece players will need to mine, salvage, steal, and trade for resources and components. Whether one decides to salvage some derelicts or venture into the life of crime, the choice will be theirs. Ship upgrades can boost engines or allow guns to dish out more damage. Captains can even trade their ship for a better model. Regardless of choice, skipping maintenance routines is a bad idea and getting blown up by space pirates is an even worse idea.

This past March Evil Twin Artworks launched The Galactic Junkers Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise £15,000 or roughly $18,700. On April 5, nearly two weeks into the campaign, the developer canceled the Kickstarter campaign and announced they had been approached and privately backed.

Later in April, Green Man Publishing announced a global multiplatform publishing deal for the title. At the time Helen Churchill, SVP of Publishing at Green Man Gaming Publishing, went on say they believed “that this title can be an indie hit not only on PC but across all platforms” and will “further bolster our publishing portfolio.”

A new announcement trailer for The Galactic Junkers is available on the Green Man Gaming YouTube channel.

The Galactic Junkers will be available on Windows PC via Steam and on consoles for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in late 2022. PC players can add the game to their Steam wishlist now.

The Galactic Junkers – Console Trailer | Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming Publishing (@gmg_publishing Twitter) is a division of the multi-award-winning global video games retailer and technology business, Green Man Gaming. The publishing division works with independent developers to bring their great indie games to the marketplace.

Evil Twin Artworks (@ievilgames Twitter) is an indie game developer that creates PC and console games. Located in the South West England town of Swindon, the developer is currently busy working on their comedic space combat adventure The Galactic Junkers. The developer’s game portfolio also includes: Victory at Sea Ironclad, Victory at Sea Pacific, Man O’ War: Corsair, and the TIGA award winning Victory at Sea.