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Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC Next Week

Movie Games S.A. and Polish developer DRAGO entertainment are releasing the Gas Station Simulator – Can Touch This DLC next week. Fans of Gas Station Simulator will be able to purchase this new DLC that gives loads of customizations for their fuel stop.

For players who are tired of looking at their same old gas station with the Gas Station Simulator – Can Touch This DLC can add their own personal touch. With a trusty hammer in hand, players can refurbish walls changing both their features and decor as they see fit. Place trash cans in different spots, move the cash register, and even direct the crowd flow. Interior customizations are now in the hands of players.

Paint and spray cans can decorate the walls with large murals or tiny easter eggs. Existing decals can be combined to create elaborate and complex art pieces for the roadside gas stop. More designs can be unlocked.

Both the warehouse and workshop can also be decorated to match and fit one’s station theme. From tables to desks and even banners and lights can be added. A full suite of purchasable customizations are available for both buildings.

The DLC also includes more gas station levels, more employees to hire or fire, more decorations to find and hang, more colors for walls and roof tiles, and more popularity levels. Everything in this DLC can help players create the ideal gas station of their dreams.

Gas Station Simulator is available on Windows PC through Steam for $19.99. Starting on May 18, 2022, Gas Station Simulator – Can Touch This DLC will be available for purchase on Steam. The Gas Station Simulator: Prologue – Early Days is also available on Steam and is free to play. Visit the game’s Steam page for more information.

Gas Station Simulator – Can Touch This DLC Trailer | DRAGO entertainment

DRAGO entertainment (@DragoEnt Twitter) was established in 1998 in Cracow, Poland. The studio is comprised of a highly experienced and motivated team that is focused on computer game production and development primarily for PC. Currently the studio is working on several projects that includes Airport Contraband, Gas Station Simulator, and Paparazzi Simulator.

Movie Games S.A. (@MovieGamesSA Twitter) is a Polish company founded in 2016 by Mateusz Wcześniak. The company is supported by Aleksey Uchański who has nearly three decades of game industry and media experience and Maciej Miąsik who is a gaming legend and developer who also has nearly three decades of experience. Currently the company employs about 80 people working on more than 10 productions.