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Sker Ritual Co-Op Survival FPS Trailer and Details

Wales Interactive today released new details and premiered a brand new trailer for their upcoming co-op survival FPS, Sker Ritual. The Quiet Ones have returned in this spiritual successor to the British horror game Maid of Sker that won the TIGA Heritage in Games Award in 2020.

Both familiar and new enemies are ready and more than willing to take out players. Supercharged elites have appeared on Sker Island. Each elite features a unique set of abilities and supernatural powers that force players to change their playstyle, location, or even ask for some help from teammates.

Up to four players can participate in the online co-op. Players do not have to fret over not having a full team either as the intensity of the enemy hordes on the island. The game was also designed for solo gameplay.

Guns and ammo can be picked up at The Laughing Policeman’s booth found at various locations around the maps. Stock munitions may be purchased or players can role the dice on a randomly picked weapon with a chance at gaining a higher base level. Unique upgrades are obtained by climbing weapon ranks. Upgrades, courtesy of The Laughing Policeman’s SUPER CHARGER, provide bonus buffs and visual steampunk inspired enhancements.

Players have several available customizations. Various masks inspired by all genres of horror; folk, gothic, zombie, science fiction, and supernatural, can be used to strike fear into the enemies. Unique voices lines can be used to taunt teammates. The dynamic menu scene environments from the island can also be switched out.

A brand new reveal trailer for Sker Ritual premiered on the Wales Interactive YouTube channel. The nearly minute-long trailer offers a quick preview of various enemies, FPS violence, steampunk inspired visuals, and The Laughing Policeman.

More information about Sker Ritual will be revealed soon. Miracles are planned as a part of a unique perk system. Enemies will have a chance to drop powerful Miracles, offering upgradable powers. Other future reveals are expected to include details about objectives, maps, story, revive system, and more.

Sker Ritual has a planned release date for Q2 2022. Interested players can wishlist the game now on Steam. The game will be available on Windows PC. More information can be found by visiting

Sker Ritual – Reveal Trailer | Wales Interactive

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