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Through the Kill Screen Indie Thriller Adventure RPG Released

The Numbered Entity Project’s James K. Isaac has released his latest indie game, a new thriller adventure RPG, Through the Kill Screen, on Steam and Players are asked can they survive beyond the final level?

A mix of horror and thriller combine with adventure RPG elements to create Through the Kill Screen. Players step into the role of Leon, a mischievous boy from the 1980s. Being naughty, has caught up with him as he awaits an ear chewing from the evil Head Teacher. The story unfolds through a colorful and sinister quest in small-town Britain.

Secrets lie everywhere and players will want to build up their stats to affect their characters final adult form. Multiple endings await as players traverse the colorful pixel art game with its classic chiptune soundtrack.

Going beyond the Kill Screen, a level within a computer game designed to make winning impossible, has uncovered a terrible secret. Both tense and scary moments along with whimsical and darkly moments are sprinkled throughout the game. Full of curiosities, fun, and danger, the world presents a journey different from most gaming experiences.

Through the Kill Screen is available on Windows and Linux through Steam and for $5.99. More information about the game is available on The Numbered Entity Project’s game page at

Through the Kill Screen | Numbered Entity Project

James K. Isaac (@NumberedEntity Twitter) is a writer, storyteller, and solo indie developer that runs The Numbered Entity Project. Based in Golborne, England, United Kingdom, Isaac has published many short stories and indie games. Upcoming projects from Isaac include his first full-length novel, WOAD, being released by Montag Press and a new RPG Maker game under the working title Simple Times.