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Prosperous Universe is Coming to Steam

German independent game developer simulogics is about to officially launch their massively multiplayer economy sandbox simulation, Prosperous Universe, on Steam.

After seven years of development, on April 20, 2022, Prosperous Universe will officially launch on Steam. The game will initially be available on Windows and Linux with a Mac version following shortly. Browser-based version fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the game will still be supported alongside the Steam release.

Since the first public version of the game released in December 2018, thousands of the players have signed up. In 2019 the game went free-to-play and stayed true its promise of avoiding microtransactions. Two years after the First Access phase, the Early Access phase had begun. Upon full launch they game’s universe will become persistent.

The game itself allows players to create a company and make their own decisions. Players set their own goals and find their own means to fulfill these goals. Set in a realistic sci-fi setting players can participate in many activities such as mining resources, designing spaceships, delivering goods, trading stocks, and selling information. With a grind-free experience and a player-driven economy the success of a player’s company goes beyond their own time investment.

This is a real world with real consequences. Orbital mechanics, stock markets, and other elements of reality have guided the game’s design. The ability to understand and exploit these complex systems is key to success. There is one universe and one economy where all players will compete and cooperate in the same space. Every resource, every commodity must be sourced by real players who in turn determine the price by supply and demand real-time market exchanges.

Prosperous Universe is currently available as a browser-based game at The game comes in both free-to-play and PRO subscription-based versions. On April 20, 2022, Prosperous Universe will launch on Steam for both Windows and Linux. Visit the game’s website or follow @prosp_universe on Twitter for more information

Prosperous Universe – Cinematic Trailer | simulogics

simulogics (@simulogics Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Darmstadt, Germany. Known for creating browser-based MMOs for expert gamers the developer has been working on Prosperous Universe since 2015. In 2012 the developer launched the still active AirlineSim