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JANITOR BLEEDS Retro Horror Adventure Out on PC

Indie publisher Bonus Stage Publishing and developer Korpus last Thursday released their retro-styled horror adventure, JANITOR BLEEDS, on PC. Available on Steam and, the retro-inspired game is set in an old arcade center with a cursed game.

After a car crash, players find themselves seeking shelter in an abandoned arcade. Inside is a coin-hungry cursed arcane machine begging to be played called JANITOR. Play unleashes a horrific force upon the player. Now the only way for players to survive is to keep playing and be sure to watch their back.

Keeping JANITOR satisfied means life. Solving puzzles and opening paths in the arcade game does so in the real world too. Dark corners and hallways set in the visual style of the 90’s gaming era hold hidden secrets. Collecting coins and items allow for progress in the game and keep the player alive. Just remember, the evil inside the machine won’t make the journey easy.

JANITOR BLEEDS is available on Windows PC through Steam and for $12.99. A 30% off release promotion runs until April 14, 2022. Follow @JanitorBleeds on Twitter or visit for additional information.

JANITOR BLEEDS Official Release Trailer 2022 | Bonus Stage Publishing

Bonus Stage Publishing (@BonusStagePub Twitter) is a Finnish indie game publisher. Established in 2019, the company has published several indie titles including Sunblaze, Warshmallows, and the upcoming Last Soul.

Korpus (@KorpusOfficial Twitter) is a Finnish developer with four employees. In 2020 the studio published their first title, Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil, a PS1-styled horror game. The studio’s second title, JANITOR BLEEDS, was initially planned as a DLC for their first game and instead changed the gameplay format and created a different horror game.