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Silver Axe – The Honest Elf 2D Platformer on Steam

Milk Bottle Studio and developer The Island Games released their 2D platformer, Silver Axe – The Honest Elf, on Steam. Based on Aesop’s Fables “The Honest Woodsman”, the early access game features both action and strong foes.

A fantasy fairytale world and powerful enemies collide creating this platformer. Players step into the role of a nimble free Elf with a Silver Axe and their adventure in an ancient forest. To unlock the hidden power of their Silver Axe players must recover the golden heart of the goddess.

Levels are designed around boss fights with continuous battles. Quests offering assistance are available from the cute and humorous creatures of the forest. Help can come in various forms form the discovering an enemy weakness to finding a secret path to ambush an enemy, or having a partner fighting alongside the player in battle.

Magical spells can be cast by players by combining four elements. Game controls are designed to be smooth and responsive allowing players to show off their skills against the various foes. Multiple story branches and multiple endings tell the tale of the game as players awaken the goddess and explore the forest.

Currently the early access release of the game features the first chapter of the story. There are 12 different styles of skill, 3 independent levels and 5-7 boss fights. Early access is expected to last between five and eight months. According to the game’s Zeczec project page, a Taiwan-based crowdfunding site, there are 8 Chapters planned. The game has some experimental mechanics and features will change with continued development and community feedback.

Silver Axe – The Honest Elf is available in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $13.99. A 10% off early access release discount is available until April 15, 2022. The price will increase when the game exits early access. Visit the game’s Steam page for more information.

Silver Axe -The Honest Elf English Game Trailer | Milk Bottle Studio

Milk Bottle Studio (Facebook) is an indie game publisher. The 2018 founded studio main desire is to help small indie game developers boost their games all over the world. Their growing portfolio includes iota, Timelie, Fantasy of Expedition, Healing Spree, and Silver Axe -The Honest Elf.

The Island Games (@theislandproduction Facebook) is an indie game studio. Based in Taiwan, the two-person team are fans of platform action games with a goal of creating their own 2D action game. Currently the studio is busy working on their debut title Silver Axe – The Honest Elf.