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ORX Tower Defense Deck-Builder Demo Out on Steam

Game publisher CRITICAL REFLEX and developer johnbell launched a new demo for their upcoming tower defense deck building game, ORX. The now available on Steam demo comes ahead of the game’s PC release later this year.

Combining a mix of popular deck building and tabletop game mechanics, ORX brings a new take to the tower defense genre. Players will find themselves expanding their territory, calling soldiers to arms, fortifying their castles, and fighting back against the relentless Orcish enemies that assault their kingdom.

Each card played will impact the gameplay. As one progresses through the game’s campaign new cards are unlocked giving access to powerful Artifacts. From enhancing decks to bolstering the kingdom’s defenses, Artifacts will leave a lasting impact on the game.

More than 300 cards allow players to experiment and build the perfect deck for their strategy. Four in-game factions feature their own set of cards and tactics.

The gameplay area is set in a beautifully drawn dark fantasy world. Featuring three Acts the roguelike-style campaign comes with distinct biomes, day and night cycles, and seasons. Over 30 types of enemies inhabit the lands with one goal of knock down the castle. From grunts to ORX Heroes with special abilities these enemies want to see the kingdom burn. If campaign mode was too easy a more difficult advanced mode is available to really put a player’s tactical skills to the test.

ORX is planned for release in 2022. The ORX demo is available on Steam where players can also wishlist the game. Follow @OrXgame or visit the game’s Steam page for more information

ORX – New Demo Trailer 2022 | CRITICAL REFLEX

CRITICAL REFLEX (@critical_reflex Twitter) is an indie game publishing label. Their mission to find so-called “kick-ass” games and ensure that they are in their best state at release while getting the game in front of gaming fans. Notable projects in the company’s portfolio include: Aeon Drive, Complex SKY, ORX, Rough Justice 84 and Flawless Abbey.

johnbell is an independent game development studio that creates small and beautiful games. The studio’s team consists of four members. Previously the studio release the browser strategy mini-game Sabaton: Long live the King. Currently the studio is busy working on their tower defense title ORX.