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Ashes of Creation Alpha Two Character Creator, March 2022 Developer Update

Last Thursday, March 31, 2022, Intrepid Studios broadcasted the March Developer Update for Ashes of Creation with an early look at the Alpha Two Character Creator. The MMORPG game update included a reveal of the Vek 3D model and a first look at the Py’Rai male concept art.

Most of the Ashes of Creation March 2022 Developer Update focused on the character creator. The character creator for the game is completely custom and is currently in the Alpha Two version. This tool has been used to also create NPCs for Freehold.

While a lot of work is still needed the first look at the Alpha Two character customization and creator showed off highly detailed character models. The Vek male model was showcased in great detail with body tattoo art, pointed bat-like ears, and muscle tones.

Character customization is at the heart of the character creator. For example the body of a human male has five sliders: Height, Weight, Chest, Crotch, and Bottom. All of the can be adjusted to create the desired body shape. Additional sliders for Wrinkles, Hue, and Pigmentation will affect the skin along with three base skin colors.

A 4K first look at the Ashes of Creation was released as a separate viewable video. The plan is to make the character creator available before the game’s release so players can create and save their characters, having them ready at launch. Future design contests are also planned.

Later in the developer update video the female Vek model and the Py’Rai male concept art were shown. The Py’Rai male features long pointed ears, dreadlock styled hair, and a pair of antlers. A vicious in appearance ocean dwelling raid boss model and a Whispering Watcher mount with a Sphinx inspired look also were displayed.

The nearly 90 minute long update also included a studio update. Currently Intrepid Studios is looking to hire additional talent. Hiring has been going well so far this year with about twenty new individuals added to the team. Artwork and plants are heading to the studio to help with the beautification processes. A tour of the studio is still planned for the future.

Ashes of Creation is currently in its early testing phases. Interested players can learn how to gain access to early testing phases by visiting the game’s website at or by following @AshesofCreation on Twitter.

Development Update with Alpha Two Character Creator | Intrepid Studios
Ashes of Creation First Look of the Alpha Two Character Creator in 4K | Intrepid Studios

Intrepid Studios is a a game development studio and publisher that was founded in 2015. Based in Southern California, the studio has assembled a team of veteran AAA talent and experience in the MMORPG industry to create the next great MMORPG in Ashes of Creation.