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Midnight Ghost Hunt Early Access Launch

Coffee Stain Publishing and Vaulted Sky Games today released in early access their multiplayer hide-and-seek prop game, Midnight Ghost Hunt.

The early access release comes fresh off the heels of the Final Closed Beta two-event held earlier this week. For the first, alpha and beta players could also share all the juicy game details as the game’s NDA was finally lifted.

There are a few flavors of the game players can grab. First is the base game for Windows PC priced at $19.99. This version gets players right into the hide-and-seek ghost hunt action.

An Early Backer Pack is available as DLC that adds some fun cosmetic bonuses for those who are wanting to show their financial support for the game’s continued development. Included in the pack is the “Early Backer” in-game title. There are also four skins, two for ghosts and two for hunters: Ghost Skin: The Lord, Ghost Skin: The Lady, Hunter Skin: The Veteran, and Hunter Skin: The Rookie. All four skins will be added to the game soon. Both ghost skins can be seen in the cinematic trailer.

All is not quiet while out on the hunt. The game features an ethereal soundtrack. Containing 10 tracks, with three immediately available and the other seven soon, help set the perfect mood for a scary good night. Both the E3 2019 Trailer Edit and 2022 Cinematic Trailer Edit of the track Where Are You? are included in the soundtrack. Buyers should note that the soundtrack is still a work in progress and more songs are to come.

According to the March 31, 2022, Dev Blog post those who helped test the game in the past will receive two exclusive skins and the “Alpha/Beta Tester” title in-game. The details on how this will happen are still being worked out. Newcomers are invited to join the community of players and devs on the game’s active Discord to discuss strategies, provide feedback, or just to chit-chat with fellow members of the community.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available in early access for Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99. An Early Backer Bundle is available on Humble Bundle and Steam that includes the base game, Early Backer DLC pack, and soundtrack. Follow @PlayMGH on Twitter, join the official Discord or visit for more information.

Midnight Ghost Hunt – Cinematic Launch Date Trailer | Vaulted Sky Games

Coffee Stain (@Coffee_Stain Twitter) is made up of three teams: Coffee Stain Studios, Coffee Stain North, and Coffee Stain Publishing. Coffee Studios was founded in 2010 and is located in Skövde, Sweden. Coffee Stain North was founded in 2013 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Coffee Stain Publishing started in 2017 and is also working to publish games from other developers.

Vaulted Sky Games (@VaultedSkyGames Twitter) is a new indie game studio with a love for multiplayer games. The studio believes that the very best gaming experiences can be derived from engaging with others. Additional the studio aims to prove that compelling games can be created by a small team that can quickly adapt and incorporate new ideas as they arrive.

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