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Midnight Ghost Hunt Early Access Date, Final Beta Soon

Coffee Stain Publishing and Vaulted Sky Games announced today the early access release date and price for Midnight Ghost Hunt. The witching hour is coming faster than one may think for this multiplayer hide-and-seek game.

In the March 24, 2022, Midnight Ghost Hunt Dev Blog post, a whole bunch of game information dropped. Immediately the post jumped into the release details with Midnight Ghost Hunt set to release into Steam Early Access on March 31, at the price of $19.99.

To accompany the release date drop is a brand new cinematic trailer. The game’s developer noted they have been working on the trailer for “quite some time” and are excited to share it with fans. In the trailer viewers are shown the core elements of the game while having a bit of fun with the game’s concept. Earlier this month at the SXSW Gaming Awards ceremony an early access gameplay trailer narrated by lead developer Sam Malone was revealed.

Heading into early access the developer also announced a final closed beta. Starting on March 28, 2022, and last for only two days, players will have one final chance to experience Midnight Ghost Hunt before the worldwide early access launch. As an added bonus, this final beta will not be under NDA. Content creators and media outlets such as this one can finally share all the fun we have been having in the game.

The final beta is set to have several new features and changes. Custom game options have been added. Players can take more control of server settings such as banning certain weapons, randomizing loadouts, adjusting movements speeds, and more.

Two new hero props: T-Rex Head and Skeleton are now available in game. Players will have to find these new props on their own and figure out what they do.

Flamethrowers are now classified as heavy weapons. No more will the burn it all down approach work. Players will need to be more tactical in their approach as their movement speed now takes a hit while the flamethrower is equipped. Grenades can now be cooked and will cause self-damage if not thrown in time or if a player is standing too close to the explosion.

Five new emotes are available for players to express themselves. Plus 13 new victory poses are available to unlock. New Hunter skins have arrived and some of the existing skins have been reworked. Players can now work towards earning the 29 titles and unlocking 42 achievements.

Other changes include a fully updated and realistic van ride, recent players list, and accessibility options. All of the available details on the upcoming final closed beta test can be read in the March 24, 2022, dev blog post.

Midnight Ghost Hunt has an early access release date set for March 31, 2022 on Steam. The game will be priced at $19.99 and available on Windows PC. For more information about Midnight Ghost Hunt follow @PlayMGH on Twitter, join the official Discord or visit the game’s website at

Midnight Ghost Hunt – Cinematic Launch Date Trailer | Vaulted Sky Games

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